Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Our Team

We have a dedicated team waiting to assist you with the purchase of your new Kalerm coffee maker or espresso machine. Whether you are purchasing one machine for use in the home, a coffee maker to keep in your office, or if you are buying several new machines for resale, we can assist you in the purchase process. Our team of dedicated agents will not only help you decide on the right machine, but will assist you through the entire process. We will provide you with details about the machine, the specs about the uses, where they can be used, and any other relevant information you need when purchasing your new machine.

We are dedicated in the production of high quality espresso makers and coffee machines, and ensure the manufacture of the best machines to sell to our customers. We share our patented technologies with our customers, so they understand exactly what they are going to receive when they purchase a new machine from us. Our team of sellers is extremely understanding in the design, and the manner in which our machines work. So, we will help customers through the entire purchase process when they are looking for a new coffee maker or espresso maker for use at home or in an office setting.

Regardless of the type of machine you are looking for, the desired use, or what your budget is, our staff members can assist you in choosing the best machine for the desired use. And, we will walk you through the different specs and features, so you know exactly what you are going to receive, and exactly how to use our machines, once they are delivered. Call us to find out more about our extensive product line, to learn about our intuitive design, or to find out which machine is right for you, and the desired uses you have for it.

Kalerm Company and Factory

KALERM is a world wide brand in making coffee machines which make the perfect coffee of our choosing, either be espresso, cappuccino etc.

We are only dedicated in high quality coffee machine design and manufacture for our customers.

We locate in Singapore Industrial Park, Suzhou, China, where it is an innovative eco-internationalized, modernized and information-based high-tech industrial park, one of the hottest and high quality manufacturing spots on the earth.

We share our patented technology with customers and can design diverse types of coffee machines in compliance with the customer concepts or specific requirements. With Italian technical team

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