Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Recipe Box

40 ml water maximum temperature
Level 3 grind, strong

95 ml water medium temperature
30s cream lukewarm
Level 4 grind, stronger

Cafe Latte:
60 ml water medium temperature
25s milk hot
Level 2 grind, fine

The Black Americano:
140 ml water high temperature
Level 5 grind, strongest

Kalerm Quarza B

We recognized that there is no such thing as The Best Latte Americano, The Perfect Espresso or The Ultimate Cappuccino. Because when it comes to coffee, each person holds in their hearts their own image of Perfection, so we're delivered it.

Kalerm Quarza B is not just a coffee machine, it is a journey through the lands of all aromas, we offer you the way to Your Perfect Coffee.

Applying a simple and intuitive customization system to each and every ingredient and process which goes in the making of the popular beverage, we've taken it from bean to cup and created a whole universe of possibilities. The only thing left now, is to explore.

  1. Make 6 different drinks including fancy coffee and milk with only one touch.
  2. With stainless steel pipe inside the two electric rapid heater, it has longer service life and provides safer drinks.
  3. With integrated water coffee spout, there is no need to move the cup to make any drinks.
  4. Professional cream device ensures the soft, smooth, and fragrant cream and it is easy to remove and clean.
  5. With the adjustment height of coffee spout from 80 to 140mm, it meets the smallest espresso cup and the largest latte cup.
  6. With the intelligent fault warning and information reminding system, all the information will appear on the screen.

From the lightest to darkest, grounded beans from the finest to the roughest or powdered if you prefer, from lukewarm to hot water, cold plain milk to steamy hot creamy foam. All placed at your desired quantity, order, temperature and time.
And of course the entire precess comes with an ingeniously integrated customization menu, simply press the rotary button and hold for a few seconds and it all gets even better, when you have the possibility to change all the options with a few buttons pressed and then stepping back to watch the magic happen is truly what we strive for.

Furthering into the strive to satisfy our customers, the Quartz B has an integrated self-cleaning system which activates every time the machine is powered down, it also prompts you when it needs cleaning and all it requires then is a push of a button, namely "CLEAN". Along a simple and effective way to save power with the save-energy option along side the "ECO-FRIENDLY" button for maximum efficiency. And if it's staying idle, the power-down sequence activates after 30 minutes, with the customization option, of course, to lower it to 15 minutes all the way up to 24 hours.

The manual maintenance necessary is minimal. Having a stainless steel pipe inside a twin electric heater, its endurance matches its revolutionary design. An added convenience is the adjustable spout having a height range from 80 to 140 millimeters. Should anything go wrong, it is equipped with a fault signaling system having a specific indicator for every possible problem.

And to not forget that this is also equipped to handle a fairly busy bar, it can stack up to 250g of grounded whole beans while keeping 15 portions of grounded coffee on the ready and 14 grams of powdered just in case, taking in of course a proportional amount of water of 1.8 liters. All of this being pumped out in the manner of your choosing at 19 bars of pressure.

So seize your perfection and make it yours.

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